22,000 Reasons to Donate

I am in the process of doing my annual outreach for the Pan Mass Challenge. The Pan Mass Challenge is the largest sporting cancer fundraiser in the world supporting The Jimmy Fund / Dana Farber. 22,000 people will die from cancer today. Help me kick cancer’s butt so that someday, God willing, that number will be zero! Here’s where to go:http://www.pmc.org/profile/MM0332 . If you can’t donate, I would certainly appreciate any referrals to folks you might now.

Thanks again!


Time to get to work!

Back to the important stuff. I have some really big goals outside of work as well in 2011: 1. Raise $30,000 for Team LIVESTRONG Army – MA for which I am the LIVESTRONG Leader. It’s a heady goal, but I already have $5,000 committed so I have the momentum. I am spending all day today sending out fundraising packets, writing letters and connecting with my network. I am quietly confident we’ll get there! A part of that goal includes the advocacy and team events I’ll be doing in 2011 as a Leader (just to name a few):

  • LIVESTRONG Army – MA group rides & awareness events at International Bicycle Centers
  • Tour de Kingdom as Team LIVESTRONG Army -MA
  • LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly
  • LIVESTRONG Day at Dana Farber
  • Stamp Out Cancer Ride presented by International Bicycle Centers & LIVESTRONG Army-MA
  • LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take time to thank our major sponsor, International Bicycle Centers. They are close friends and great supporters. We’ll be working together throughout 2011 and beyond to bring attention to LIVESTRONG and connect with the community around us. If you can help or know somebody who can, please email LIVESTRONG@gint32.com and/or please go here and make a donation: http://austin2011.livestrong.org/mattmcginty ! LIVESTRONG is not just sending out some tweets or buying a Nike t-shirt at Dick’s folks…it’s a global movement to bring attention to cancer…the biggest health threat to the future of our society. Their goal and the reason I am so dedicated to the cause is to make sure AJ and Haley grow-up in a world without cancer. Join the fight! Take ACTION! 2. Heavy Hitter again at the PMC. That means more that $6500 in fundraising. It’s been a couple years since I have hit that level, but 2011 is the year to return to that goal. Every year, the PMC continues to inspire me and I am sure this year won’t be any different. I sometimes tell the story about my grandparents…whenever I see a Cardinal, I think of my Grammie and PopPop. Both were great people. I was lucky that I was the youngest by 13 years because I got them all to myself. I used to spend countless hours with my PopPop down in his basement fixing things and doing projects. They died when I was 8, but I still remember basement tinkering with my PopPop like it was yesterday. He died from a rare form of Leukemia, a form of blood cancer, and one of the main reasons I give back is because he himself gave so much back to the community. This is my way of honoring him. Back to the cardinal…every year I see a cardinal at the PMC and in different places. I truly see it as a miracle from God, like they are riding it with me. I hope this year I’ll see another cardinal on my 190 miles across Mass! Who’s going to be the first person to start me on my way to my goal? http://www.pmc.org/profile/MM0332 That’s about it for now. Time to get to work! If you or anyone you know can help, please contact me at the email above. I hope you’ll support my endeavors in the name of someone you love who has been impacted by cancer… LIVESTRONG!

-Matt McGinty


Time is running short…please help?

Hi All,

I’ll keep this simple. I need your help in the form of a donation:http://austin2010.livestrong.org/mattmcginty My dream of raising $10,000 for the LIVESTRONG Challenge seems unlikely with only two weeks left. The toll of fundraising for the Pan Mass Challenge & the LIVESTRONG Challenge is perhaps too much to hit the $10k goal. That said, there is no reason I can’t hit my goal to equal fundraising for both events. To do that, I need to raise an additional $1,000 by next Friday to reach $4200 for LIVESTRONG. Can you help me? A simple, small donation will go a long way! How about $28 in the name of someone you love to honor the 28 million cancer survivors worldwide?!

Please click the link and please help!http://austin2010.livestrong.org/mattmcginty Every little bit whether $1 or $100 makes a difference! Please help me hit my goal and help make a difference while you do it!

Please share this on Facebook and Retweet on Twitter. LIVESTRONG!

Matt McGinty

Just to put things into perspective…

As LIVESTRONG Day rapidly approaches tomorrow, I wanted to take one last moment to put things into perspective. There are about 27 million people living in the State of Texas. There are just over 1 million people living in the State of Rhode Island. Now, imagine for a moment that every single one of those people were living with or have survived some form of cancer. EVERY SINGLE ONE! That’s how many cancer survivors there are world-wide. It’s staggering when you think about it. Tomorrow, I’d like to ask you to do the following:

I’ll conclude by sharing this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL8mCjS0Noc&tr=y&auid=7094077 Whether you like Lance or loath him, nobody can argue that this man nearly died from cancer and nobody can argue he has used his fame as a platform to beat it. I hope you’ll get involved by doing one, if not all of the great things above.


P.s. If you want to know why I do what I do, please go here: http://livestrongblog.org/2010/09/28/livestrong-day-in-boston/
Matt McGinty

One Mission Completed & Another Begins

Hello All,

It’s been a while, but I wanted to take a moment to close out one great 2010 cancer mission and outline another. The first cancer fighting mission for 2010 was the Pan Mass Challenge. This is an annual event and the biggest sporting cancer fundraiser in the world. It covers 191 miles across the heart of Massachusetts in two days and last year, we raised over $31 million. This year we look to surpass that number and we’re well on our way. The charity that benefits from the Pan Mass Challenge is the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, arguably to most world renowned cancer facility in the world. My fundraising specifically benefits the Sunflowers for Life Fund at Dana Farber. This restricted charity is for Jared Branfman, the son/brother of dear friends who lost JAred to brain and spinal cancer. Like every other year, this ride was inspiring. Between the girl in the silver suit and riding day two with a 100 +degree fever, there was alot of inspiration to keep pressing the pedals. Most importantly, seeing my family at the first rest stop!  This year, I hit my massive $4200 goal and I have moved past it to $5000. It was a tough year for fundraising, but the effort was worth it! Seeing our pedal partner (child with cancer which our fund finances) made me realize that! Another amazing event on so many levels! I look forward to 2011′s version.

This is a good segway to my next goal, the Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge. I will compete in a $5k run and a brutal 90mi bike ride. This is by far the “capstone” event for me and my goal makes the PMC look small… $10,000. Yes, you read that right. I am determined to reach the Ride for The Roses this year and our team has two great sponsors to help make that happen! International Bicycle Centers and British Beer company have paired up with Team LIVESTRONG Army MA in a month-long fundraiser that culminates at “LIVESTRONG Day” on 10/2/2010 with two great events:

  1. http://www.livestrong.org/Take-Action/LIVESTRONG-Action/Livestrong-Day-2010/Event-Details?EventId=2680
  2. http://www.livestrong.org/Take-Action/LIVESTRONG-Action/Livestrong-Day-2010/Event-Details?EventId=2681

We have great partners that plan to become a part of our annual team sponsorship. We need more help however! In order to reach $10,000, or event better, $30,000 we need more corporate sponsors! If you or anyone else you know can help, please send a note to livestrong@gint32.com . In the meantime, I encourage you to go here: http://austin2010.livestrong.org/mattmcginty and donate $28 in honor of the 28 million cancer survivors worldwide.

Please get involved by clicking the fundraising link, sending me a note with potential sponsors and attending one of the two great LIVESTRONG Day events. We need your support!!




Fundraising can be a serious exercise in endurance sometimes. I just got done sending almost 100 individual emails to past PMC donors asking for their support again. The personal touch goes much further than a blast email. I’m not yet half-way there with less than a month to go. I swear, fundraising has gotten harder and harder each year. Especially with the change in the economy. I had more donors last year than ever, but the average donation was cut almost in half. Ironically, when the economy is bad, cancer and other non-profits need the money even more. So since I have your ear…can I ask that you visit this link and consider even donating $10 to help children with cancer? http://www.pmc.org/profile/MM0332 What’s stopping you? Just $10? Help me win the fundraising endurance race!


Please Act & Spread The Word! PLEASE!


PLEASE READ: I am in dire need of your help! With almost a month to go to the Pan Mass Challenge, I am not yet 1/2 way through my massive $4200 fundraising goal. On this holiday weekend, would you consider even a small donation to help children with cancer at Dana Farber? Please click the link and then “donate to my ride”: http://www.pmc.org/profile/mm0332 I appreciate event the smallest of donations!

The Pan Mass Challenge is the biggest sporting cancer fundraiser on the planet! It raised over $30 million, yes, $30 million for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in 2009. Every dollar of rider raised funds goes straight into the hands of the folks at Dana Farber helping children fighting cancer and also towards the eventual cure for cancer. In 2010, cancer will become the world’s number #1 killer surpassign heart disease. More than anyone, children should have a fighting chance! Please, I beg you to help Dana Farber, a proud LIVESTRONG partner, by helping me meet my massive $4200 minimum fundraising goal!



STILL Not 1/2 Way There…Please Help!

Hello All,

I’m still not 1/2 way to my MASSIVE Pan Mass Challenge fundraising goal yet, so let’s make it simple! Please text PMC MM0332 to 20222 to donate $10 to my ride. You must reply “Yes” to the confirmation text message for it to go through. You can use this method up to four times. This can’t get much more simple. PLEASE HELP OUT! Send that text now…